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Alibag Holiday Homes
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Alibag is the King of Beaches in Maharastra. And this has earned it the name "Mini Goa". In the medievel times, it was the capital of Shivaji's Admiral Kanoji Angre. Alibag is famous for its Kolaba Fort, which is an old military fortification located 1-2 km from the shore. Kolaba Fort also known as Kulaba fort after the Kamaludin Shah baba and is said to be 300 years old.

Underi, a fortified island near the mouth of Mumbai Harbour South, along with the island of Khanderi served as landmarks for the ships entering Mumbai. Kanakeshwar is located on the Konkan Coast close to Alibag and is famous for the old Shiv Temple.

Fairs are the main attraction of Alibag. There are a lot of villages around the city, all of which organise festivals and fairs which are culturally different. One of the largest fairs in area is at Varsoli Village around 1.5 Km away from Alibag main city and it is five days non stop fun, full of adventure and thrill. The well known hotels in Alibag are Trident Nariman Point, Palladium Hotel, Vivanta and the Taj Mahal Palace


Can I get a holiday home with swimming pool in Alibag?

Yes. We have close to 17 holiday homes with swimming pool in Alibag. You can also choose a villa or bungalow with a swimming pool. Each vacation rental will have its own swimming pool policies & timings though. Make sure you talk to the property manager or the owner when you make a reservation.

Can I get any accommodation in Alibag if I am travelling with my family or a group of friends?

You will have to choose number of bedrooms depending on the group size. You can go for any of the 18 Villas. You can go for 5 2BHKS, 8 3BHKS, 7 4BHKS holiday homes

What are the different types of holiday homes I can get in Alibag?

Tripvillas has different types of holiday homes you can choose from in Alibag. We have 5 Resorts, 38 Rooms, 18 Villas