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Denmark Holiday Homes
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Though not immediately obvious on a map, Denmark comprises of more than 400 islands, of which 72 are populated. The peninsular of Jutland and the main islands comprise the regions we use in this guide. Nearly 40% of the country's population live on the island of Zealand, though it only accounts for 15% of the country's land mass.

Regions of Denmark
The European mainland. Home to Skagen - the beautiful old holiday town, Denmark's oldest town of Ribe, Legoland and the the rugged west coast.

Funen and Surrounding Islands
Homeland of the world famous author H.C. Andersen, and his childhood house in Odense as well as the picturesque island sea.

Denmark's largest island, and seat of the capital Copenhagen, Hamlet's Elsinore and the vikings' Roskilde.

Islands south of Zealand. Home to Denmark's greatest nature scenery, The Cliffs of Møn.

The vacation island, also known as the "rock" island, home of the fabled roundhouse churches connected to the crusades, and some excellent beaches.


What are the most popular destinations in Denmark?

Tripvillas has around 9327 of vacation rentals in DENMARK. Some of the most popular destinations are Central Denmark Region (2544 vacation rentals), Region Syddanmark (2423 vacation rentals), North Denmark Region (1898 vacation rentals), Region of Southern Denmark (772 vacation rentals), Zealand (603 vacation rentals), Capital Region of Denmark (595 vacation rentals), Region Zealand (450 vacation rentals).

Can I get a holiday home with swimming pool in Denmark?

Yes. We have close to 17 holiday homes with swimming pool in Denmark. You can also choose a villa or bungalow with a swimming pool. Each vacation rental will have its own swimming pool policies & timings though. Make sure you talk to the property manager or the owner when you make a reservation.

Can I get any accommodation in Denmark if I am travelling with my family or a group of friends?

You will have to choose number of bedrooms depending on the group size. You can go for any of the 567 Apartments, 3601 Villas. You can go for 128 1BHK, 1509 2BHKS, 4014 3BHKS, 1710 4BHKS, 329 5BHKS, 116 6BHKS, 37 7BHKS, 20 8BHKS, 25 9BHKS, 11 10BHKS holiday homes

What are the different types of holiday homes I can get in Denmark?

Tripvillas has different types of holiday homes you can choose from in Denmark. We have 567 Apartments, 1709 Cottages, 55 Farms, 3394 Homes, 3601 Villas