Ca207 .
Myrtle Beach, Sc, United States

0 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
4 Max Guests
Swimming Pool
Parking Space
Home Type Of Property
0 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
4 Max. Guests
Enjoy pools, hot tubs, a lazy river, block long pool deck, kiddie pools, fitness room, and more at this NEWLY RENOVATED and furnished OCEAN VIEW studio vacation condo with a full kitchen, featuring 2 queen beds. Located right on the sand, this condo is the perfect place to enjoy a hassle-free vacation! Bring the whole family along and enjoy the nearby sites!

CA207 .

Enjoy pools, hot tubs, a lazy river, block long pool deck, kiddie pools, fitness room, and more at this NEWLY RENOVATED and furnished OCEAN VIEW studio vacation condo with a full kitchen, featuring 2 queen beds. Located right on the sand, this condo is the perfect place to enjoy a hassle-free vacation! Bring the whole family along and enjoy the nearby sites!

Things you can do in & around
Key Amenities

Hot tub
Kitchen supplies
Washing machine
Parking Space
Air Conditioning
Wireless Internet
Kitchen (fully functional)
Swimming Pool
Sea View
Tea/Coffee maker
Hair dryer

Policies & Fees

Default Cancellation Policy

Non Refundable: This is the strictest clause. As soon the booking is confirmed & payment is accepted, booking becomes non-refundable. Zero amount will be refunded to the customer if she or he cancels the booking.

House Rules

Loud Music not allowed. Smoking inside Property not allowed. 1. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 4 P.M. EST AND CHECK-OUT IS BY 10 A.M. EST. Due to the cleaning schedule, we are unable to grant special requests for early check-in or late check-out. 2. Cleaners make every effort to prepare units on time every time. However, due to the nature and unpredictability of back to back bookings, it may be occasionally necessary to delay a check in time. If this occurs, the owner/manager will notify the guest as soon as possible and provide an estimated time for check in. No refunds will be provided for late check-in due to delays in cleaning or maintenance. For security and practical reasons, the cleaners will not enter the unit to perform departure cleanings when guests or their personal belongings are in the unit. If guests enter the unit before the scheduled check-in time and cleaning has not yet been completed, the guest accepts the unit as ready regardless of the condition, and cleaning will be the guest’s responsibility. In this case, the guest agrees that cleanliness/maintenance issues are not the host’s responsibility and will not result in lost “stars” in the guest’s review. 3. If the renter does check out late and housekeeping has already arrived to clean the unit, the renter will be responsible to pay the housekeeper’s return visit fee and a LATE CHECKOUT PENALTY OF $20 FOR THE FIRST HOUR AND $50 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL HOUR. If an unapproved late checkout results in a future guest canceling their reservation, the guest who checked out late will be charged for the entire lost stay. 4. DUE TO THE FACT THAT ROUTINE MAINTENANCE IS A NECESSITY FOR THE PROPER UPKEEP OF RENTAL PROPERTIES, THE GUEST WILL NOT DENY ACCESS TO EXTERMINATION, HVAC, APPLIANCE, CLEANING, PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, INTERNET, HOA, CABLE, BUILDING, OR ANY OTHER MAINTENANCE WORKERS WHO MAY REQUIRE ACCESS TO SERVICE THE RENTAL PROPERTY. The owner/manager will make every effort to provide the guest with advance notice that the property will be serviced. However, the guest acknowledges that advance notice may not always be possible. 5. On the rare occasion that a rental property is listed for sale, showings may be necessary to facilitate the sale. The guest acknowledges that this may be the case with the property they are booking and will not deny access to realtors entering the property with potential buyers. 6. Daily maid/towel/linen services are not provided. The property will be cleaned prior to check in based upon the rules. 7. NO SMOKING IN UNIT OR ON BALCONIES - if you smoke, your entire security deposit and rent will be held and you will be asked to leave. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Note: No compensation will be given for the smell of smoke from tenants in nearby units smoking or for previous tenants smoking against the rules. However, we will, to the best of our ability, attempt to mitigate this issue. 8. PETS – A VERY FEW of our units allow small dogs WITH PRE-APPROVAL and PAYMENT OF A $50 PER PET FEE only. If you bring a pet to a no pets unit or bring a pet to a unit that accepts pets without obtaining approval AND/OR without paying the pet fee, your entire security deposit and rent will be held and you will be asked to leave. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. 9. SERVICE DOGS - Legitimate service dogs are happily accepted in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for service dogs. If say you are bringing a service dog, and your dog turns out to not meet the ADA’s definition of a service dog, you will either be denied check-in or will be asked to leave and will forfeit any money paid, including your security deposit. Unfortunately, emotional support dogs are not considered service dogs under the ADA. Emotional support dogs are subject to the “Pets” rules in #7 above. 10. The guest will not rearrange furniture. If rearranged furniture results in any damage (of furniture or surroundings), the guest will be charged for the damage. Rearranged furniture will also result in an added cleaning charge due to the extra work required of the cleaners. 11. Inventory has been taken prior to your arrival, and items are in good working condition. If something is broken when you arrive, we need to know about it the night you arrive so that we can get it repaired as soon as possible. If items are not reported and found broken after your stay, we may request payment from your security deposit. 12. The guest accepts that linens and towels are not purchased new prior to each stay and may show a bit of wear, as they are frequently laundered. We guarantee that linens and towels have been washed prior to your stay. They are removed to a laundry service after each stay and laundered linens/towels are brought in each time. In addition, the guest accepts full responsibility for the condition of towels, linens, and other bedding when they use them. If a guest stains or damages these items so that it would be unreasonable to use them for future guests, the guest agrees to pay for replacement of the items. If the item is part of a matched set and the item cannot be replaced without replacing the entire set (for example a sheet set or matching quilts in the same bedroom), the guest agrees to replace the set. 13. PRIOR TO CHECKOUT, the guest will remove food from the refrigerator, bag all trash and pick up any visible debris from the floor and furniture. Normal vacuuming will be done by the cleaners, but please be courteous and pick things up that are too large for the vacuum to pick up. Excess trash beyond what is in the cans should be removed to the designated place provided in the house manual. Trash in the cans is fine, but please don’t leave piles of trash bags or un-bagged trash for the cleaners. Guests should also thoroughly wash dishes OR place dishes in dishwasher and run it, (whichever is applicable). Guests will not use liquid dishwashing soap in the dishwasher. It will clog dishwashers and result in a service call/charge which will be the responsibility of the guest. Clean dishes will be put away by the cleaners - no need to do that. The guest should clean up any spills prior to leaving. 14. Cleaning INCLUDED in your departure cleaning rate: vacuuming, dusting, surface cleaning, towel/linen laundry, making beds, and putting away clean dishes. 15. NO PARTIES - If you have a party or resort security reports complaints such as illegal activity, fighting, excessive noise or disturbances of other guests, you will be asked to leave and your entire rent and security deposit will be retained. We love to host great guests, but we rent to responsible adults. If you are not able to control yourself or others in your party, please rent elsewhere. 16. QUIET TIMES - Guests will observe community and building quiet times. If quiet times are not posted and there are no local ordinances, quiet time will begin at 10pm in order to be courteous to other guests. NOTICE: WE EXPECT GUESTS TO BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER PEOPLE STAYING IN THE BUILDING/COMPLEX. NOISE MONITORING MAY BE PRESENT IN THIS RENTAL UNIT. PARTIES/EXCESSIVELY LOUD GUESTS WILL BE FINED AND/OR PERMANENTLY REMOVED BY SECURITY WITH NO REFUND OF RENT PAID. 17. POOL ARM BANDS/FOBs/KEYCARDS/PARKING PASSES/KEYS – These items must be placed back into the condo prior to guest departure unless they were obtained from the front desk. If they are not left for the next guests, there is a charge of $5 for each missing pool band, $20 per standard key, $20 per parking pass and a charge of $100 for each missing FOB, Keycard, or specialty key to cover our travel, time, and/or cost to purchase replacements. 18. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT - By booking online, you automatically agree to the terms of this rental agreement. If the reservation deposit is not received in 7 days or prior to the booking date, whichever comes first, the owner/manager reserves the right to rent the unit to another tenant and/or change the rate of the rental. Damage protection will automatically be applied to your booking unless unavailable in the booking platform. This protection covers accidental damage only and does not cover damage due to willful breaking of the rules or extreme negligence. Therefore, a refundable security deposit will also be held or an authorization will be run in lieu of a security deposit. The security/damage deposit is NOT applied toward rent. Security deposit payments will be refunded within 7 days of checkout and/or cards will not be charged for damages PROVIDED the all provisions of this agreement are met, including the following: a. All of the rules herein are followed by all guests. b. No damage is done to unit or its contents beyond normal wear and tear. c. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay. d. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure. e. No linens, towels, or any other items from the unit are lost or damaged. f. Food and trash are not left on floors, beds or furniture and are discarded appropriately in trash can or bagged. g. There are no stains on counters, carpet, towels, linens or floors that cannot be removed during the normal cleaning process. h. The guests are not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner), local law enforcement, or the security workers employed by the resort or home owners’ association. 19. The renter agrees to pay for all damages, missing items, and/or charges for fines/fees incurred by the owner/manager as a result of the misuse of this rental. Should these charges be in excess of the damage deposit, the renter will receive a bill and agrees to pay that bill in full within 30 days of receipt to avoid collections and legal action. The renter agrees to pay for any/all legal and collection fees incurred by the owner/manager for the purpose of collecting these charges. The renter also agrees to pay the statutory maximum interest rate for any unpaid portions of these charges after 30 days of non-payment. The renter agrees that they will not “charge back” any amount charged to cover damage/misuse/theft/rental fees. 20. RENTER AGE/RELATIONSHIP – Renters under the age of 21 not traveling with parents must obtain written permission in advance of booking. The names of all adult renters that will be staying in the unit may be requested by the owner/manager. The owner/manager reserves the right to ask for copies of photo identification for adult renters. The primary contact person paying for the rental will be staying at the unit for the entire rental period unless express written permission grants other arrangements. 21. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - The maximum number of guests is limited to the approved number listed on the advertisement. No refund will be given for reservations with falsified occupancy and the booking may be canceled at the owner/manager’s discretion. 22. USE OF PROPERTY - The renter will have access to only those amenities listed in the advertisement to which he/she responded. If the resort/unit has locked/unavailable amenities, they have not been listed in the advertisement and are not available to the guest. If the unit has a locked owner’s closet, the renter agrees that he/she will not attempt to access that area. Failure to comply with these rules may result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid, including the security deposit. 23. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or full rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in. 24. MOTORCYCLES/TRAILERS/BOATS/CAMPERS/ETC. – Motorcycles, trailers, boats, personal watercraft, and campers are NOT ALLOWED UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED IN WRITING prior to arrival. Please ASK US first. Owner/manager is not responsible for resort refusal to accommodate these vehicles upon your arrival. If you need parking for one of these types of vehicles, we suggest you seek offsite options. 25. PROBLEMS – Renter agrees to contact the owner/manager directly BY EMAIL OR INTERNAL CHANNEL MESSAGING IF BOOKING ON A RENTAL BOOKING WEBSITE in case of any problems or maintenance issues with the unit using the owner/manager’s preferred method of contact. If the owner/manager does not hear from the renter by 9pm on the evening of arrival, it will be assumed that the unit is acceptable to the renter and in good condition. a. The owner/manager is not liable and there will be no compensation for failures of appliances, electronics, utility outages/issues, or building mechanicals. Should a guest have any trouble with one of these things, it should be reported immediately and every effort will be made to address it in as timely a fashion as possible. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and are subject to final decision of the manager/owner. 26. BALCONY – Renter acknowledges that the unit they are renting may have a balcony, and that use of a balcony may be hazardous. There will be no horseplay on the balcony, no throwing items from the balcony, and no barbeque grills or smoking on the balcony. The renter will not allow children on the balcony unattended and will use caution in the number of people allowed on the balcony at one time. The renter assumes all risk involved with use of the balcony and agrees to indemnify and hold the owner, the owner’s insurer, the property manager, the resort, and homeowner’s association harmless for any/all injuries (including death) incurred due to the use of the balcony. The renter assumes full responsibility for all person's entering the premises during the renter's contracted time of stay. 27. HOLD HARMLESS - The renter assumes all risk involved with use of this condo and all other areas of the resort property or association grounds and agrees to indemnify and hold the owner, the owner’s insurer, the property manager, the resort, and homeowner’s association harmless for any/all injuries (including death) incurred on the property as well as any missing/stolen items. The renter assumes full responsibility for all person's entering the premises during the renter's contracted time of stay. 28. PAYMENT SCHEDULE – IF YOU ARE ON A PAYMENT PLAN AND DO NOT PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME - Layaway and payment options are provided to guests as a courtesy in order to make vacation planning easier for the guest. Guests agree to follow the agreed upon schedule. Should payments not be made according to the schedule and should the guest fail to make other arrangements with the owner/manager, this contract may be voided by the owner/manager, all monies previously paid will become non-refundable, including the security deposit if the total amount of rent due has not been paid, and the rental balance will be due. If you are having trouble making your payments, we will work with you if we can. Please contact us. 29. CANCELLATIONS – THE GUEST ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THERE IS NO REFUND FOR CANCELLATIONS UNLESS THE CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH THE BOOKING IS SOLD REQUIRES OTHERWISE. HOWEVER, TRAVEL/TRIP INSURANCE MAY BE AVAILABLE TO GUESTS AT THE TIME OF AND FOR A LIMITED TIME AFTER BOOKING. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING A POLICY AT TIME OF BOOKING BY CONTACTING US. BY NOT PURCHASING A TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY, THE GUEST ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CANCELLATION POLICY HEREIN. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS CANCELLATION POLICY FOR EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES ARE ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS AND SUBJECT TO FINAL APPROVAL BY THE OWNER/MANAGER.

Cleaning Fee

Cleaning Fee USD 77.00 Fixed Amount Per Stay

Security Deposit

Security Deposit USD 200.00 Fixed Amount Per Stay